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जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ * जय ज्वाला माँ


Main Jyoti Maa Mahakali


Holy Flames or Jyoti’s

Jawala Ji is a famous temple of Goddess Jawalamukhi, the deity of flaming mouth, believed to be the manifestation of the Goddess Sati. The building is made with a gilt dome and pinnacles, and possesses a beautiful folding door of silver plates, presented by Sikh Raja Kharak Singh. This silver door so struck Lord Hardinge that he had a model made of it. Maharaja Ranjit Singh presented the gilt roof in 1815 AD. The interior of the temple consists of a square pit about 3 feet deep with a pathway all around. In the middle, the rock is hollowed out over a primary fissure of a flame considered to be the fiery mouth of Mahakali. The flames escape at several other points from the crevics of the wall of the pit. There are nine Jwalaji Flames or Jyotis in total representing following different forms of Goddess:

Maa Saraswati Ji Maa Annapurna Ji Maa Chandi Ji
Maa Hing Laj Ji Maa Vindhya Vasini Ji Maa Mahalakshmi Ji
Maa Mahakali Ji Maa Ambika Ji Maa Anjana Ji



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